Grit & Beauty

Each year, adventurous students go out into Philadelphia and explore the grit and beauty that makes our city unique.  

Submit a work you have created that captures the combination of the grit and beauty of Philadelphia (emphasis on the combination of grit and beauty). Only one submission per student is permitted. Submissions consist of one work, and types of work that are acceptable include but are not limited to photographs, videos, images, gifs, pieces of writing and audio files.

To submit an entry, click here. The 2019-2020 deadline is Wednesday, December 11th.

We will award one grand prize of $500 and five runner-up prizes of $100. Prize winners and honorable mentions may be selected for a spring exhibit of student work in Paley Library.

Questions? Email Dana Dawson at

Get started now and discover Philadelphia!


2019 Grit & Beauty Winners

2018 Grit & Beauty Winners

2017 Grit & Beauty Winners

2016 Grit & Beauty Winners

2015 Grit & Beauty Winners

2014 Grit & Beauty Winners


Red couch on sidewalk in front of a wall covered in graffiti.
City Seating  by Lucienne Nowak. 2018-2019 Grit & Beauty winning entry.