Summer Phun in Philly

Hullo! Summer is officially here, and for those sticking around, it’s absolutely necessary to make the most of this heat, the memory of which keeps us going during those harsh winter months. (Seriously, I want to move to Southern¬† California every time the temperature drops below 50). Philly is a multifaceted city, so if nothing seems to be going on around North Broad Street, you can be sure that there’s another neighborhood that would love to see you crack open a PBR* and chill out with it.

Free Movies at Liberty Lands Park

Break out those picnic blankets! NoLibs is celebrating the 80s with its annual free movie series, held at Liberty Lands Parks at N. 3rd Street by Poplar. July and August will show such classics as The Goonies and Lost Boys. Liberty Lands is within walking distance of North Bowl, Standard Tap and Honey’s Sit ‘n’ Eat.

Farmers Markets

Fresh produce is a blessing in the green-forsaken city streets. Clark Park at 43rd & Baltimore hosts a weekly market on Saturdays as well as every Thursday afternoon during the summertime. Take the 34 trolley west to stock up on fruits, veggies and flowers. Plus, there’s a tea cart. D’awwwww.

Rittenhouse Square Park also holds a market every Saturday on the stretch of Walnut between 18th and 19th. Grab some fresh food and have your own picnic amidst the dog walkers and lovebirds strolling through.

Dollar Stroll

Not enough Temple kids know how great West Philly is.** Explore Baltimore Ave at its spotlight event, Dollar Stroll, this September 12. For three hours in the evening, countless bars and restaurants from 43rd to 50th Streets offer items out on the street for just a dollar. Picture a neighborhood yard sale, except with tons of interesting-looking people, music, awesome food, and limited damage to funds. With the huge amount of business diversity in this area, you’re sure to find something for you. A standout for me is the Green Line Cafe’s dollar iced coffee and dollar vegan hotdogs. Nom!

2nd Street Festival

Set between Germantown Ave and Green Street in Northern Liberties, the 2nd Street Festival does for Northern Liberties what the Dollar Stroll does for West Philly. This community-driven event will be held on August 4th from noon to 10pm. Its website boasts four entertainment stages organized by the Philadelphia Folksong Society as well as dozens of food and craft vendors. Hopefully this year it won’t monsoon.


Still at the loss for what’s fun in the city? Well, that’s what the internet is for! There are several website to check out for more suggestions. Free newspaper City Paper has put together an entire Summer Fun Guide for your perusing. Every day of May through August is listed with one fun event to attend within city limits. For days when nothing too crazy will be going on, there are quirky recommendations – like that of July 8th, which advises readers to go out and look for corgis. uWishuNu is another goldmine of advice. You can opt to view events by a calendar, which then divides events into themes likes Nightlife, Drinks and Arts.

STILL bored? … I don’t know what to tell you. Get a bike, I guess.


*Obviously you, this hypothetical being, is over 21.

** Opinion. Also true.

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  1. Deborah A. Block says:

    Northern Liberties…. West Philly … Thanks for the great offerings. Once again you prove the thought that if you’re bored in Philly, you have to want to be bored. There is so much to do!

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