Student Academic Award

The General Education Program at Temple University will recognize up to five Temple undergraduates for superior scholarly or creative work produced as part of a Gen Ed course.  The first place winner will receive an award of $750; the second place winner will receive $500; and the third place winner will receive $250.  Work will have been completed during the spring, summer or fall semesters of 2018. These awards will be presented for creative/artistic works, as well as for scholarly papers. For 2019 application information, Undergraduate Student Awards 2019 Call for Applications.

Winners of the 2018 Student Academic Award are:

Noah Wise (Intellectual Heritage II, faculty member: Ariane Fischer), “The Difference Between Humans and Animals

Anna Monogue (Dissent in America, faculty member: Ralph Young), “Protesting the Internment of Japanese-Americans: Dissent as a Duty of Citizenship”

Nicholas DeLuca (Sport and Leisure in American Society, faculty member: Rebecca Alpert), “Youth Hockey Violence: An Analysis of Contributing Factors”