Re-certification Information

The General Education Curriculum (02.10.02) policy document established the General Education Program act in accordance with the University’s Periodic Program Review Process and also charged the General Education Executive Committee with reviewing all courses after the fourth year they are taught.

Course recertification provides an opportunity to document the effectiveness of courses and the ongoing innovations adopted by Temple University faculty. We understand courses grow and develop, and we expect that; however, we also are obligated to determine that courses remain committed to program-wide learning objectives.

Fundamentally, we will review courses to determine if they have maintained fidelity with the approved course proposal and the coherency and consistency of courses over time, especially where multiple instructors and departments are involved.

The heart of the matter may be distilled into two questions:

  • How has the course maintained fidelity to the approved proposal as the course has developed and changed over time?
  • How does the course continue to address the GenEd learning goals?

Faculty from across the university, members of the GenEd Executive Committee (GEEC) and the GenEd Area Coordinators (GAC) agreed on a set of key documents that will enable us to review the courses and answer these questions. Those documents include:

  • Syllabi
  • Student work at varying levels (good, average and below average)
  • Assignment Sheets (if details are not provided in the syllabus) and
  • Narrative Statement

For more detailed descriptions on the portfolio contents, please review the GenEd Re-Certification Portfolio Content Detail information. This document is one of a series of documents intended to help faculty understand the recertification project. Other documents for consultation include:

the GenEd Re-Certification memo and

the GenEd Re-Certification Narrative Guidelines

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