Recertification Information

The General Education Curriculum (02.10.02) policy document established the General Education Program act in accordance with the University’s Periodic Program Review Process and also charged the General Education Executive Committee with reviewing all courses after the fourth year they are taught.

Course recertification provides an opportunity to document the effectiveness of courses and the ongoing innovations adopted by Temple University faculty. We understand courses grow and develop, and we expect that; however, we also are obligated to determine that courses remain committed to program-wide learning goals.

Fundamentally, we will review courses to determine if they have maintained coherency and consistency over time, especially where multiple instructors and departments are involved, and continue to meet area-specific and program-wide learning goals. An additional goal of recertification is to generate information that may be shared with new instructors teaching a course, for example, clear course-specific learning goals and sample assignments that assess course and GenEd learning goals.


GenEd Recertification Process, General Instructions

To review the 2019-2020 recertification guidelines, click Revised Recert Guidelines August 1 2019.

Recertification portfolios will be due May 22, 2020.

Each portfolio must include:

  • Recertification cover sheet developed in the fall semester – for a cover sheet template, click here
  • Course syllabi and assignment prompts for major assessments from every instructor teaching the course in the summer(2019) or fall(2019)
  • Course syllabi and assignment prompts for major assessments
  • Recertification alignment worksheet (coversheet plus assignment information) filled in by all spring instructors – for a recertification alignment worksheet template, click here
  • Samples of student work
  • Self-reviews for all online sections of the course offered in summer(2019), fall(2019), or spring(2020)
  • Narrative

Calendar Cycle for Course Recert Updated Oct 11, 2017

Questions? Please contact Dana Dawson,


Use of FileInvite to Collect Recertification Items in 2019-2020

This year, GenEd staff will be using FileInvite to solicit required documents from recertification coordinators. Recertification coordinators will receive an email from GenEd staff in January that will look something like this:

Image of FileInvite email invitation. The invitation includes basic invitation language and a button recertification coordinators click to open the upload portal.

When the recertification coordinator clicks “Click To Get Started”, they will be directed to a portal similar to the one pasted below that includes a list of all of the materials requested for the recertification portfolio. The portal can be returned to as much as need be over the course of the spring semester. Once an item is uploaded, it is automatically saved and stored. GenEd staff can access files at any point once the coordinator has clicked “I’m finished”, though coordinators can continue to access the portal even after clicking “I’m finished”. We hope that this reduces coordinator confusion related to what must be submitted and makes the collection and submission process easier.


Image of FileInvite upload portal page. Requested items appear as a table row with a title indicating the item to be uploaded, for example, "Dawson syllabus fall".