GenEd is focused on making connections. The Philadelphia Experience—or PEX—is part of the GenEd program at Temple, with dozens of courses that take you into the Philadelphia metropolitan area for experiences related to your studies. To make this easier—and to make it easier for you to explore the city in your free time—we offer Temple’s “Cultural Passport.”

Your PEX Passport gives you free or reduced-price access to many Philadelphia arts and culture destinations for one year.

The PEX Passport program offers an innovative approach to the cultural community’s goals for audience development. With some 4,000 new students entering Temple’s GenEd program each year, and a student body of over 28,000 students in the greater Philadelphia area, PEX promises to be transformative and dynamic for both students and the region’s cultural community. With free and special discounted offers, Temple students are welcomed into Philadelphia’s cultural community.

The PEX Passport is part of Temple University’s “Philadelphia Experience” (PEX) engagement and access initiative within the General Education (GenEd) Program. Many courses in the GenEd program utilize the Philadelphia metropolitan area for experiences related to their studies. The PEX Passport is also a significant asset for students as they become engaged members of the city’s cultural community.

Each current matriculated student with a valid Temple ID has access to the benefits of the Passport. Each PEX Partner offers each student their best one-time offer. PEX Partner offers will be posted on the GenEd PEX Passport website.

How to subscribe to your PEX Passport

To use the PEX Passport, simply visit the list of partner organizations here, click on an organization to review what they offer, and if you wish to download a coupon, scroll down to the “Claim this offer” button. Once you click, you will receive an email with your coupon, or you may print from the screen. You bring the coupon to the organization and present your TU ID on site.

Happy exploring!