Pompeii Erupts in Philly

One Day in Pompeii at the Franklin Institute

One Day in Pompeii features over 150 precious artifacts on loan from the unparalleled collection of the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy, including wall-sized frescos, marble and bronze sculptures, jewelry, ancient Roman coins, and full body casts of the volcano’s victims, many of which will make their North American debut at The Franklin Institute.

Extend your experience with a hands-on science activity or a movie!
Vesuvius Science Lab
Explore the sciences of archaeology and geology at hands-on stations in the Vesuvius Science Lab. Examine real volcanic rocks as you learn about the dynamic processes leading to Mt. Vesuvius’ eruption. Learn about the careful steps archaeologists use to preserve what remains from the ancient site of Pompeii. Located on the Third Floor near Sir Isaac’s Loft. Free with Museum Admission.

Ring of Fire
The return of a classic! One of the most popular films ever shown in the Tuttleman IMAX® Theater, Ring of Fire remains unrivaled in its dramatic portrayal of volcanic activity. Combine One Day in Pompeii with Ring of Fire for a spectacular earth science experience. Additional fee applies.

Use your GenEd Passport to get a $5 ticket to the museum.  Additional fees apply to attend the special exhibit and the movie.

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