Enter Lantern Theater Company’s Inspirational March Madness and WIN!

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…”

The inspirational speech, or “Rousing Speech,” is now a timeless formula in popular entertainment, found everywhere from locker rooms to battlefields, courtrooms to classrooms. But there’s no question you can find the origins of the “Rousing Speech” squarely in Shakespeare’s HENRY V.

Especially in movies, there’s no situation so desperate that it can’t be turned completely around with a brilliant, rousing speech. This speech means that the heroes are going to move to a proactive posture, despite the overwhelming odds and the very real chance that they’ll all end up dead. Or at least out of the semi-finals.

In honor of our production of HENRY V (on stage at the Lantern March 14 – April 14), we have complied 16 of the best examples of the “Rousing Speech” for our Inspirational March Madness Bracket Challenge. Beginning Monday, March 11, every other day at 2:00pm we will post two videos on the our Facebook page in a head-to-head competition for glory. The video that earns the most “LIKES” by the time the next two videos are posted 48 hours later will be declared the winner.

So study the chart. Remember your Shakespeare. Remember your Mamet. And visit http://on.fb.me/YRiz4Y to choose your winner carefully.

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