Approval to Fulfill GenEd Requirements Through Study Abroad


How can I fulfill Temple GenEd requirements through study abroad?

  1. By taking GenEds abroad at Temple Japan, Temple Rome, or through special summer programs. Visit the Courses offered on Temple programs abroad website to see available courses.
  2. By taking courses offered through a Temple Exchange or approved External Program. See below for information on how to have courses reviewed for GenEd credit.


Which non-Temple courses taken abroad may be used to fulfill GenEd requirements?

For a course to fulfill a GenEd requirement, it must:


How do I have a course taken through a Temple Exchange or approved External Program approved for GenEd credit?

Check the Transfer Equivalency Tool to determine whether the course has already been reviewed and approved to fulfill a GenEd requirement.

If the course does not appear in the Transfer Equivalency Tool:

  1. Acquire the syllabus for the course. Course syllabi can often be found on the host university or external program’s website or by emailing the program directly.
  2. Determine which GenEd area you wish to have the course reviewed for. You MUST specify the GenEd area. It may help to review area learning goals here. It is perfectly okay to submit a syllabi for review even if you’re not sure whether it is a good fit for an area.
  3. Submit the syllabus for review using this link:



Will my Global/World Society requirement be waived if I study abroad?

The Global/World Society requirement may be waived if:

  • a student successfully completes (with a C- or better) credit-bearing coursework worth at least three semester hours in an approved summer or semester study abroad program with a minimum stay abroad of 28 days; and
  • a student provides an official transcript with an approved international study abroad experience in which at least three semester hours of coursework transferred to Temple.



For questions about Education Abroad, please contact Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses at

For questions about the GenEd review process, please contact GenEd at or 215 204 6248.