Temple’s First Year Writing Program wins Certificate of Excellence!

Urbana, IL- December 19, 2018 – Temple University’s First Year Writing Program has won a 2018-2019 CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence. The Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) is a constituent organization within the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Temple University’s program is one of four recipients of this award.

Established in 2004, this award honors up to 20 writing programs a year. To be eligible for this award, programs must be able to: demonstrate that the program imaginatively addresses the needs and opportunities of its students, instructors, institution, and locale; offer exemplary ongoing professional development for faculty of all ranks, including adjunct/contingent faculty; treat contingent faculty respectfully, humanely, and professionally; use the best current practices in the field; show that the program administrator (chair, director, coordinator, etc.) has academic credentials in writing; use effective, ongoing assessment; use effective placement procedures; create appropriate class sizes; and model diversity and/or serve diverse communities.

Temple University’s First-Year Writing Program serves as a model for other writing programs in many ways. The Temple University student body is highly diverse, and the selection committee was impressed by how the curriculum of the First-Year Writing Program directly addresses issues of diversity and is locally situated in the Philadelphia area, examining public spaces and systemic oppression.

Temple University’s program will be announced as a recipient of the CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence on March 15, during the 2019 CCCC Annual Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

For more information about the CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence, including past winners, see https://cccc.ncte.org/cccc/awards/writingprogramcert


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