Online Review Process


During the summer of 2016, a working group of staff from GenEd, the Office of Digital Education and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching, and members of the GenEd Executive Committee and Area Coordinators developed guidelines for online sections of GenEd courses. The guidelines are based on the Quality Matters standards for excellence in online education.

Throughout the academic year 2016/2017, GenEd piloted a peer review process. In September, 2017, the GenEd Executive Committee voted to integrate the online review process into course recertifications, which occur in every fifth year the course is offered.

Although the formal review process will be part of course recertification, instructors offering online sections of GenEd courses are expected to:

  1. use the course template made available by GenEd; and
  2. ensure the instructional design of their course meets established guidelines, which can be found here.


Instructors are encouraged to use the online self-review tool throughout the development of online sections of courses.


Any notes made using the tool are private and may not be viewed by other instructors or GenEd staff unless the instructor chooses to export and share the document. During the recertification process, instructors who taught a course online during the recertification year will complete and download the self-review, and it will be included among recertification documents.

For access to the course template, please contact Dana Dawson, Associate Director of GenEd, at


Quick Links

Self-review tool, based on GenEd online review rubric:

Center for the Advancement of Teaching:

Library Guide on Copyright for Educators:


I have more questions. Who should I ask?

Dana Dawson, Associate Director of GenEd. Email or call 215 204 6248.