Teaching Award



Deadline for Submission: Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence in General Education (GenEd) recognizes excellence in GenEd course development, innovation in teaching and instructional design, and teaching. One award will be made available each year, and the winner will receive a certificate and a monetary award of $5,000.


The Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence in GenEd is open to all full‐time university faculty who have taught a GenEd course in the 2019 calendar year and meet the criteria stated below. No faculty member may receive this award more than once every five years.


Nominees for the award are expected to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Significant participation in the development of a GenEd course, or the evolution and refinement of an existing course to more adequately meet GenEd goals;
  • Evidence of continuous effort to create and implement engaging, student‐centered strategies designed to promote the achievement of GenEd goals; and/or
  • Integration of Philadelphia’s rich cultural landscape into the GenEd

Courses in the GenEd inventory revolve around program-wide, and area-specific learning goals. A candidate need not provide evidence related to all of the competencies and goals related to the course or courses they teach, but may focus on providing evidence of teaching that effectively addresses one goal, or a select number of goals.

Nomination Procedures

Individuals may nominate themselves or others. Candidates not selected for the award may nominate or be nominated in subsequent years.

Nomination Packets

Please submit all materials in electronic form to Dana Dawson at dgdawson@temple.edu by the deadline. Where possible, save items as pdf’s and collate into one complete document. Where a faculty member has taught more than one GenEd course over the relevant calendar year, it is permissible to address and provide examples from more than one course.

The nomination packet should include:

  • ONE letter of nomination written either by the applicant or by an individual other than the department chair or program director that speaks to one or more of the three criteria above;
  • ONE letter of support from the faculty member’s department chair or program director;
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae;
  • A statement of the nominee’s teaching philosophy (limited to a maximum of 1000 words); and
  • A MAXIMUM OF SIX supporting documents that have direct bearing on the nominee’s GenEd teaching achievements AND provide evidence of one or more of the following: (1) the development of a new GenEd course or the evolution of an existing one; (2) items demonstrating the use of strategies learned at conferences, in the literature on how students learn, or through the Center for the Advancement of Teaching; or (3) assignments that incorporate elements of Philadelphia’s social, political and/or economic

Recommended Optional Items

  • A MAXIMUM OF TWO testimonials and/or letters of recommendation from past or current students or colleagues. These items may be sent separately by the writer to Dana Dawson at dgdawson@temple.edu by the deadline or included with other submitted items.


Dana Dawson
215 204 6248
Associate Director, GenEd
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Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies Suite