Declare Intentions

We have developed and refined learning goals and objectives for the curriculum.

As Temple transitioned from the Core to GenEd, discussions emphasized the importance of equipping students with the skills and habits of mind they would need to become engaged and knowledgeable citizens in the local, national and global context.

The focus shifted from the acquisition of a central body of knowledge to the acquisition of abilities, permitting students to make connections and to problem solve across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The program has increasingly recognized the value of integrating the learning that takes place both in and out of the classroom, blurring the boundary between the university and the world beyond the university.

GenEd’s goals, mission and vision appear in multiple artifacts, including the Temple University Board of Trustees’ policy on General Education and in the call for course proposals. A team of faculty, staff and administrators compiled and reviewed mission and goal statements to develop a set of eight competencies (learning objectives) that declared the intentions of the General Education program.

In short, the program of General Education empowers students to:

GenEd hosted “Investigating GenEd,” a discussion series open to the university community in November 2008. Faculty who attended this seven-part series reviewed draft definitions for seven of the eight program competencies (excluding “lifelong curiosity”) and invited commentary. GenEd incorporated the suggestions and feedback of the more than 100 individuals who participated in this process, and distributed the revised definitions to the faculty. Again, GenEd solicited feedback and integrated responses to finalize the working definitions.

For more information on an individual competency, please select the competency statement. You may also download the working definitions.