Hello! My name is Mark.

I find myself in Philadelphia six days out of the week. Since I’m a student, most of that time is spent on campus running about in a seemingly absurd manner going to things called lectures, meetings, and work. When there’s down time which I (and yous all) should have, the GenEd PEX Pass is essentially a lifesaver from the week’s class/meeting/work cycle that we find ourselves in. It’s kind of nice that folks from all over the Philly area from museums to theatres to parks, what-have-you, want to extend an invitation to you to hang out.

This is the bit where I display my street cred. I grew up in Port Richmond but moved to the suburbs in the environs of Sesame Place. Not to be outdone, I trained as a jazz trumpeter at the Kimmel Center Youth Jazz Ensemble and its spin-off jazz and chamber music camp. During breaks at the newly built Kimmel Center, I wandered endlessly having no idea where I was but loving each new street, park, and people.

In college, I was a DJ on 91.7FM at Drexel (before I happily transferred to Temple). Then, I had a brief tenure in a hip-hop group called Slick Mantra. We performed at the Fire, North Star Bar, and elsewhere. Once our band disbanded I shifted as a classical performer playing in a production of La Boheme (The opera is based on a book called La Boheme, all of which is what the musical Rent is based from) and performing with the Orchestra Society of Philadelphia with WRTI’s own Jack Moore often conducting for the past two years.

Enough about me and go out there. Have some adventure (of course be safe). Let the Pass help you find new things about our city before you may ask yourself, What have I done?

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