A Three-Hour Tour to the Franklin Institute

There’s going to be a lot of information in this blog post because there are 1001 things one can do in an afternoon at the Franklin (formerly known as the Franklin Institute). Each section will have a title that in a word or two will illustrate the main themes of the (6) exhibits I visited. This is partly because I can structure an overenthusiastic essay into little bits and pieces for you to enjoy like a Whitman Sampler, and you wouldn’t necessarily have to belabor through the entire essay. Pick which subjects you, the Reader, are interested in, and after the jump, you will be able to read on. Of course, you are welcome to read the entire essay: This will make me quite happy, but it’s up to you. I’ll be quiet now…

The Franklin Institute (or the Franklin as it is now called)

On a brisk Tuesday morning, I headed to the Franklin Institute (henceforth called FI) from Main Campus after a mildly difficult French test. There are a number of ways to get to the FI from Main Campus, which I’m sure you’re well-aware. But, in case if you’re new, I’ll give you directions: Engage Google Maps!

When you enter the FI, you are greeted by statue of Benjamin Franklin posed in the same manner as President A. Lincoln at his eponymous monument in D.C. The crowd at the museum consisted of children aged x ≤ 14 either with their families or, on the ever-treasured, school field trip. When it was my turn to receive my tickets to enter the FI and the newly-opened da Vinci exhibit, I was slightly worried that the PEX Pass wouldn’t guarantee a discounted fare to see both da Vinci and the general museum. With a quick question to the cashier, my hesitation was alleviated: You can see the da Vinci exhibit and the rest of the museum for $3 less, which came to a total of $21.00. This may seem a little steep, and perhaps for college students, it might be, but, as I hope you’ll agree with me, it was (or will be) quite worth it.

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  1. Deborah A. Block says:

    I love the Franklin Institute. (I may never be able to call it the Franklin). I love walking through the human heart and playing with all of the science experiments. And while a good winter day and wool cap can make my hair stand up on end, their static experiment is still fun.

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