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Bienvenidos/Bienvenue/Welcome/Willkommen/(insert greeting in language of choice here____________)

Often times, in the birth of a blog (such as this one), the writer of said blog is required (or more or less obligated) to write a few words of introduction. This is one of those introductions (which you can pretend is one of those awkward stickers affixed onto my shirt like Hester Prynne’s Scarlet Letter A): Hello! My name is Mark Inchoco (pronounced like in chocolate sans late).

As an undergraduate English major here at this fine institution, I try to live up to the “liberal” end of CLA. In doing so, I’ve managed to do the following: DJ on WKDU 91.7FM , classical trumpeter mainly with the Orchestra Society of Philadelphia (with a gig or two with opera companies), and, for a short time, I was part of the hip-hop outfit Slick Mantra. In addition, I’ve written for a few blogs and magazines (read Hyphen, Temple’s arts magazine & Faucet Magazine) along the way.

Apart from tooting my own horn, all these things have allowed me to see a lot of the cultural comings and goings, in & around our fair city of Philadelphia. A lot of these places, which you may know, are featured in your GenEd PEX passport.  Every week you will be able to read my adventures (or mis-adventures for that matter) at each of these places of cultural happenings; perhaps, you too, will check out these places for your own enjoyment, or, at the very least, it could be a story to tell (“Oh man, we tried to get to “institution x,” but it snowed hardcore, and we got stuck in a trolley in West Philly. But, it was cool because the guy sitting next to us told us a story about such and such. It was pretty awesome, man”).

Check back here every Wednesday with updates from my latest visit. To where is anybody’s guess, but the below is, of course, the starting point for anywhere in the city:

City Hall


Here’s a track from local Philly artist Birdie Busch. Her music encapsulates a lot of what the city is all about.
“Joey” by Birdie Busch

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