Ever on the hunt for the best nontraditional entertainment offered by our darling city, I introduce to you a hidden gem of the Philly performance scene: StorySlam.

Hosted by First Person Arts, which touts itself as the city’s only non-profit arts organization centered on personal storytelling, StorySlam is an event at which ten volunteer members of the audience get to tell a true five-minute tale to be judged by their peers. Each ‘Slam has a theme which can be interpreted in any way. Storytellers are judged on both content – relevance to theme, interest level – and performance – style, time limit adherence. Anyone in attendance can volunteer, but if the count exceeds ten, names are drawn at random.

At July 9th’s event, themed “Wild Things,” story topics ranged from the Ottoman Empire to dirty dancing in clubs to cats to becoming jaded by the sound of gunshots in Philly. (Whomp.) Did you ever want to know how to NOT get rid of a bat in your attic? We heard it there: definitely don’t become incapacitated by fearful sobbing and attempt to videotape your ski attire-wearing roommates as they chase it with an ice pick. (That storyteller did pretty well in the scoring.) Ever wonder what it takes to be a middle-aged, female stand-up comedian surrounded by sexist, twenty-something, pseudo-intellectual dudes all the time? The answer involves some hilariously ball-busting feminism. (That storyteller won.)

StorySlam takes place at World Cafe Live in West Philly on the second Mondays of every month, and at L’Etage in South Philly on the fourth Tuesdays of every month. World Cafe Live is an all-ages venue; L’Etage is 21+. Tickets are normally $10 at the door or $8 for First Person Arts members – BUT, Temple University students/PEX Pass holders, y’all get a pretty fancy buy-one-get-one deal! Because where you may not want to spend ten bucks on your first novice storytelling event, you should definitely want to spend five bucks on a fun evening of comedy with friends – especially if you’re of legal age to enjoy the $3 drink specials. Maybe after a couple of lagers you’ll want to get up there and perform yourself.

Doors at 7:30 PM, shows at 8:30.
August 13th’s theme (held at World Cafe Live): Obsessed
August 28th’s theme (held at L’Etage): Guilty Pleasures

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