Terror on Fairmount

Last weekend I was asked to go on a Paranormal experience with my closest friends. They dared me to explore the inside of Eastern State Penitentiary on 20th and Fairmount.  Now in the past I have been brave enough to take a tour during day, and I have to say it’s still a creepy place to wander about. In modern terms its Philadelphia’s equivalent to ancient ruins. My fellow blogger Victoria knows all about that experience at you can read about it here. But this time I venture to experience Eastern State for it’s horrifying Terror Behind the Walls attraction.

The experience is fully mind blowing and starts even before you have paid admission to enter the building. First is the waiver you have to sign before you go into the Penitentiary. Never would I have thought that I would actually have to really sign my life away, in order to get my scared out of my mind. But as I was signing the form a strange whisper was snarling in my ear, and yes I knew that I was in for a great time.

Once you enter the yard of the jail, you our totally immersed in the world they create. The line is made to feel like you are actually being processed into this weird after life jail. It features not just one themed haunted house, but three. You explore, the Infirmary, the Gauntlet and the Night Watch. Each section provides you with insight into your deepest fears, whether its the dentist or doctor gone mad or as simple as being afraid of the dark. They take these basic fears and turn them up by 100 percent.

Overall the 3D, smoke, lights, and mirrors make the Terror Behind the Walls experience great, but truly the actors make it the most worthwhile! Their interacts play the most tricks on you, and you really never know when one is going to come after you. My personal trick, stare into their eyes you’ll see the humanity in them and I think it struck some of the actors at first.

As you can see I made it out! And I hope you challenge yourself and experience the Terror on Fairmount!

The Break Out! (Guess who doesn't belong in this picture?)

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