Love in the City of Brotherly Love

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and for those of you in committed relationships (or with meaningless flings you feel obligated to hang out with for the holiday), the pressure is on to organize the perfect date. Sure, you could be cliché and go with dinner and a movie, but we all know that the bright young people of Philly are most impressed by activities found in the PEX Passport! Here are a few ideas for a very special General Education sponsored Valentine’s Day celebration with you and your sweetheart:

The Philadelphia Orchestra 

The orchestra is always a really classy date because you get to dress up and pretend you appreciate music that isn’t produced by The-Dream. This February 14th, the Philadelphia Orchestra is performing Carl Orff’s Carmina Burna, which they describe as “prais[ing] springtime, love, lust, and fortune.” Sounds hot.

Laurel Hill Cemetery

Does your girlfriend like death? Has your boyfriend expressed interest in pursuing mortuary science as a career?  Ever have the nagging feeling that your love life would be improved by spending more time dwelling on your own mortality? If any of the above applies, you might want take a trip to Laurel Hill Cemetery for Valentine’s Day! While the Cemetery’s “Till Death Do Us Part: The Love Stories of Laurel Hill” walking tour has already been held, feel free to wander around the graveyard holding hands. Maybe bring a picnic lunch?

 The Rosenbach Museum & Library

If your S.O. is an English major or other sort of literary type, take them to the Rosenbach for a hands-on tour of the museum’s collection of love letters. Historical hearthrobs ranging from John Keats to Marlene Dietrich have their correspondence on display, so this is quite an opportunity. Also, let the record show that I went on a date to the Rosenbach once and it was super cute.

 The Franklin Institute

They have a giant heart you can go inside. Do I really have to explain more?

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