Theater PEXile (See What I Just Did There?)

If there’s one thing I love in life (and believe me, I love a lot of things—admittedly, mostly food related) its boarding school narratives. Everything that has ever taken place at a boarding school is fantastic, from the Harry Potter series to Dead Poets Society to that one section of Jane Eyre where everyone gets tuberculosis.

I want to go here. Like, literally. Is 21 too old to matriculate at Hogwarts?

Therefore, it’s no surprise that I greatly enjoyed Theater Exile’s recent production of The Edge of Our Bodies. Written by noted playwright Adam Rapp, the play made its Philadelphia debut during this fall’s Philly Fringe Festival. The Edge of Our Bodies is a one-woman play about Bernadette, who is sixteen years old, pregnant, and deeply troubled. The play primarily consists of Bernadette recounting her journey from her New England prep school to New York City to visit her boyfriend, and the misadventures she gets into once she’s there.

The parallels with The Catcher in the Rye are fairly obvious: running away from school, New York, teen angst, etc. In fact, The Edge of Our Bodies, which mostly consists of narration by Bernadette, does sometimes feel like you’re listening to an audiobook more than watching a performance. However, the play is so well-written and acted that I was perfectly content to lose myself in Bernadette’s story.

While The Edge of Our Bodies is no longer running at Theater Exile, you should still take advantage of their partnership with PEX and check out the other plays they have on deck for the 2012-2013 season!

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