Welcome to the General Education Program Site!

GenEd is focused on making connections both locally as well as globally.

GenEd courses make connections from academic knowledge to experience.  A course in educational policy takes students into schools and community centers.  A course in sustainability challenges them to design a solution for storm-water run-off.   A course in creativity assigns them to go to First Friday to interview an artist.

“The Philadelphia Experience (PEX)” has become a hallmark of the GenEd curriculum, with many courses taking students into the city for direct encounters connected to their studies. In essence, the city becomes an extension of the university classroom, as for example, in a science course which takes students to the Waterworks to study 19th century sewage treatment.

These encounters leverage the interest our students already have in Philadelphia.  From global terrorism to global climate change, from digital mapping to the future of television, GenEd classes will deal with cutting edge issues from multiple angles.

These and other modes of stretching and contextualizing traditional disciplinary content prepare our students to deal with a rapidly globalizing world, in which the resolution of complicated issues increasingly calls upon the ability to see a problem from many angles and to synthesize divergent perspectives.

GenEd courses make connections across areas of study from a global perspective as illustrated in these courses:

  •  Language and Society; World Musics & Cultures; Development and Globalization.
  • War & Peace; Global Slavery.

GenEd makes connections to current controversies from a local perspective as illustrated in these courses:

  • Philadelphia Arts & Culture: Public Places, Private Spaces; Religion in Philadelphia.
  • Race & Ethnicity in American Cinema; Landscape of American Thought.

Ultimately, GenEd is about equipping our students to make connections between what they learn, their lives and their communities.