Peer Teaching Program

Peer Teacher Program

Applications for Spring 2016 are due September 30, 2015. Please see application website below.

The Diamond Peer Teachers Program provides upper-level undergraduates at Temple the opportunity to experience the challenges and rewards of college-level teaching, to develop their own pedagogical skills by working closely with their faculty mentors, and to provide supplemental instruction in lower-level and GenEd courses.

To be selected as a Diamond Peer Teacher, a student will:

  • Ordinarily be a declared a major in the field; however, students interested in being a Peer Teacher in subject areas closely related to their declared major are also selected.  Students in any major may peer teach in GenEd.
  • Have a cumulative GPA 3.25 with 60 credit hours by end of the semester in which they are applying.
  • Have earned at least an A- in the course or courses (or equivalents) for which they are applying to be a Peer Teacher.

Peer Teachers can apply to work in any first- or second-year course in their major or in any GenEd course; students in the following disciplines/areas are especially encouraged to apply: Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, CIS, Economics, Finance, GenEd, Intellectual Heritage, Mathematics, MIS, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, and Statistics.

Approximately 40 positions will be available per semester, 15 of which are reserved for GenEd courses.

Participants are required to attend the two-day Diamond Peer Teacher Institute.

The application and more information can be found on the Senior Vice Provost’s website .

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